Why is fitness important for Indians?

You should take fitness as consistently as food in your daily routine, especially when you live in India. It’s real important.

No, we just don’t say that to say that. We realise it and hence, we are here to let you realise the same. Here’s a critical authentic analysis (data taken from World Bank Report – 2016) depicting the doctor to population ratio in India, along with some other countries.

Doctor to population ratio graph
                                                                   Doctor/population graph

Many or may be most countries are better than us. Cuba tops the list while India remains quite behind in the ranking. Yup. If god forbid, we have every person ill for a day, 1000 Indians would have less than one doctor to go.

Then what should we do?

Decrease the population? Anyone… Thanos here? Laugh- that was a joke. Then, may be make more people doctors? Yes definitely. Encourage them, even yourself if you still have time to be one. But still… what can we actually do? Heard about a saying- “Prevention is better than cure”? We say – Fitness is better than health insurance. Obviously, we can’t reduce the number of people in India but what we can reduce is number of patients in India.

But How?

How Fitness is important for Indians

Through fitness! Through exercise! Through Viayam !

Let’s make sure – Everyone anywhere shall viayam today.

Not only it gives you less opportunity to visit a hospital, but also gives you a better mind, a better aesthetic, a better personality, a better being and a lot more. So much and still we don’t pay heed much as required.

Let’s change it. Let’s make India fit again (Considering, we were at sometime – Expressions).

But which fitness,  Confused? Yea… It has become quite an encapsulated term in modern era.

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