Anjaneyasana or the Crescent Moon Pose or the Low Lunge pose


According to Hindu mythology, Anjaneyasana is said to have strong relevance to the Hindu god Hanuman. You can often find sculptures, paintings, depictions or portraits of lord Hanuman in this pose. Also, Anjani was the name of the mother of Lord Hanuman. Anjaneyasana or the crescent moon pose or low lunge pose is one of the most commonly practiced poses in yoga.

It helps you maintain balance, stability and focus in your body. Apart from it, also engages your core, hips, and quadriceps together. There are five sheaths or kosas which together constitute our body.

Five sheaths or kosas
Five sheaths or kosas

Anjaneyasana targets the mind (‘Manomaya’ in Sanskrit). Stimulating the heart, it helps to grow the peace and purity of the mind. It is a simple six-step yoga routine involving mostly your groin, thighs and hips area.

Steps-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Take a wide stance. Place your hands on or just above the hips. Inhale!
  2. Now turn your right foot on your heel by 90 degrees, and slowly twist your body to the same line. Exhale!
  3. Slowly, place your left knee on the floor, ground your toe flat. Set your right foot at a viable distance. You should feel a nominal stretch in your left thigh and groin. Breathe slowly. Remember, to not vary your breathing pattern.
  4. Gradually take your arms up forming an arc. And, slowly bend backward forming a crescent moon shape. Though, your biceps should touch your ears.
  5. Hold your position for a while. Feel the stretch.
  6. Go Reverse now. Take your hands down forming a back arch on your hips. Lift your left knee up to stand and twist back to the starting position.
  7. Repeat the steps from 2 to 6 for the right side now.

Top 10 Health Advantages

  • 1) Mostly everybody part(Core, Quadriceps, Calves, Hamstrings, Lats) engages during the routine of Anjaneyasana.
Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscles | Viayam
Quadriceps and Hamstring Muscles
  • 2) Your hips, groins, and flexors receive a great stretch in the pose.
Hips and Thigh | Viayam
Hips and Thigh
  • 3) It reduces the lower body soreness. A recommended exercise for cyclists and runners.
  • 4) The spine stretching in a backward arch, that’s a very unusual stretch in any of your daily routine.
  • 5) The body’s ability to balance and stabilize tends to increase.
Manomaya - MindfulBliss | Viayam
Manomaya – Mindful Bliss
  • 6) Anjaneyasana allows you to feel you energized and calm as it has a relation with your ‘mind’ sheath (Manomaya).
  • 7) It provides a full-body activation effective mostly for those, who are involved in desk jobs.
  • 8) While performing the pose, the chest out posture does increase your blood circulation and a notion of heat is created, providing the ability and strength to fight the cold atmosphere if in a cold region/area.
  • 9) Furthermore, Anjaneyasana comprises of therapeutic properties for sciatica pain as well. A regular performance does allow effective relief in sciatica.
Digestive System | Viayam
Digestive System
  • 10) It enhances your digestive as well as your excretion system.
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