Benefits of Trekking are way more than you think

Apart from refreshing your mind, there are enormous benefits of trekking. As from my personal experiences, trekking has given me a new way to live life. From physical fitness to mental fitness, from happiness to spirituality, from inspiration to confidence – I feel life. Trekking has more to give you than you think. Every step of trekking will lead you towards happiness, prosperity, endurance, and fitness. As knowledge about the benefits of trekking is increasing, more and more youth happens to take part in this adventure every day. I personally had trek most of the sites in India and take it from me, it’s amazing. India does have many beautiful sites which are still unexplored and definitely worth every single penny.


Chopta trek - Majid Ali
Chopta trek – Majid Ali


Kheerganga trek - Arpit rai
Kheerganga trek – Arpit rai


All these blissful things and you still not convinced. Tough Nut.
Never mind, we have even researched the benefits of trekking just for the knowledge and fact analysts like you.

Benefits of trekking

  • Diminish stress Level

    The most beautiful part of trekking is that it makes you unplugged from the rush and crowd. There is no one gonna amuse you besides the cool breezing air and birds. A walk in nature helps you reduce your anxiety in comparison to walking along the urban area. the immense feeling of happiness that we receive while trekking uneven terrain can’t be compared.

  • Strengthened your cardiovascular muscles

    This is one of the best benefits of trekking. While you are trekking, your body needs more oxygen and to complete the demand of oxygen your heart work hard. Hence conclusively your cardiovascular muscles strengthened.

  • Helps you to lose weight

    According to research, one hour of trekking can burn approximately 500  calories. That is not the only benefits of trekking,  apart from that while trekking into the hilly region it takes every muscle to work hard and this can be your whole body exercise.

  • Boost your confidence level at the all-time high

    From my personal experiences, when I was trekking to Rohtang Pass  I didn’t think that I could trek, but somehow I had to go and believe me when I reached over there I was the happiest person in the group. I thought If I can do this I can do anything. Since then I have done much trekking and every time my confidence level becomes higher.

  • Improve your relationship

    There has been always the benefits of trekking whether you are trekking solo, with friends, or family. It always brings the closeness, If are trekking solo, you will learn about yourself, you will be most close to yourself than ever. If you are with friends and family, you can spend more quality time together and that memory last forever.

I personally believe everyone should go trekking at least once a year, at least I go for more than 5 a year. Don’t believe me? Follow me at – NomadicParinda.


Here’s a video of one of the most exciting trek in India –


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Disclaimer - This is only to promote fitness. No youtuber or any channel. We just share the videos which we found good and with all the courtesy to the makers.

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