Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation – The primary Yoga pose


Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation has an element of spiritual processes. Like, when we say Surya (or Sun), we are talking about the basic powerhouse of this planet. Everything on this earth is powered by the sun. You may argue, the electricity is man-made but the truth is the basic elements like carbon and others are the consequence of the sun itself in a way or the other.

It is probably the most eminent and the most salubrious exercise routine a human can perform. When you compare this with other conventional exercises like aerobics, weight lifting, walking, jogging, and running, all these are designed to provide benefits to the physical body and its various component organs including joints and muscles.

On the flip side, Surya Namaskar provides benefits of a holistic nature by working on the physical body, prana (breathing), mind, intellect and the bliss components (or kosas) of the entire human personality. Surya Namaskar when properly followed yields incredible and worthy changes in your body.

Human Analogy

The human soul is built up of five sheaths or the ‘panch kosas’ (Sanskrit) namely –

  • Body (the Annamaya)
  • Breathe (the Pranamaya)
  • Mind (the Manomaya)
  • Intellect (the Vijnanamaya)
  • Bliss (the Anandamaya)

When performed properly, the sun salutation routine rejuvenates all the ‘panch kosas’ and therefore has a tremendous impact on your body and soul as a whole.

Surya Namaskar can be considered to be a personality development tool and must be included as part of one’s wellness program.

12 Asanas of Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a routine of 12 asanas done sequentially early morning and it follows a specific breathing pattern (inhale and exhale) and has a set of particular mantras. If you seek the complete benefit of this routine, do read the mantras explained in the next section. We recommend everyone to consider mantras and not only focus on the physical part of the routine.

Any what ways, Here’s the physical routine of Surya namaskar (All 12 asana/poses in detail)

12 asanas of Surya Namskar


Just like the physical routines, there are 12  mantras and every mantra has four-part to it.

First part      Chanting of AUM or OM

Chanting OM mantra activates the stomach, brain, heart, and mind – making every associated sheath nourished. All activities and processes inside go vibrating to attain a sharpness and refreshment in their cycles.

Second part – Chanting of 6 Bija Mantra

  • hraam    –  Stimulates brain, heart, and respiratory system
  • hreem    –  Stimulates nasal, throat area and vocal cords
  • hruum   –  Stimulates digestive system and intestines
  • hraim    –   Stimulates kidney system
  • hroum   –  Stimulates excretory system
  • hraha    –  Stimulates your ribs and chest area

Third part    – A Rik from Rig Veda

  • Udhyannadhyamitramahaha
  • Aarohannuththaraamdivamm
  • Hridrogam mama surya
  • Harimaanam cha naashaya
  • Shukeshu May Harimaanamm
  • Ropanaakaasu dhadhmasi
  • Atho Haaridraveshu May
  • Harimaanannidhadhmasi
  • Udagaadhayamaadithyah
  • Vishwena Sahasaa Saha
  • Dwishantham Mama Randhayann
  • Mo Aham dwishatho Rattham

(Leave comments if you want a detailed meaning of all the above 12 Riks from Rig Veda, Tried to keep the blog crisp and give only enough knowledge to retain)

Fourth part  – Addressing one of the 12 names of Sun. The Sun is said to have 12 different names in Hindu culture. Those twelve names are –

  1. Mitra
  2. Ravi
  3. Surya
  4. Bhanu
  5. Khaga
  6. Pushan
  7. Hiranyagarbha
  8. Marichi
  9. Aditya
  10. Savitha
  11. Arka
  12. Bhaskara

Hence, combining all the parts, are the magical mantras that help you explore your body beyond expectations. Here are the 12 mantras for Surya Namaskar –

  • Om Hraam ‘Udhyannadhyamitramahaha’ Mitraya Namaha (Mitra – friend)
  • Om Hreem ‘Aarohannuththaraamdivamm’ Ravaye Namaha (Ravi – radiance)
  • Om Hruum ‘Hridrogam mama surya’ Suryaya Namaha (Surya – dispeller of darkness)
  • Om Hraim ‘Harimaanam cha naashaya’ Bhanave Namaha (Bhanu – Shining with luster)
  • Om Hroum ‘Shukeshu May Harimaanamm’ Khagaya Namaha (Khaga – all pervading)
  • Om Hraha ‘Ropanaakaasu dhadhmasi’ Pooshne Namaha (Pushan – mystic fire which gives)
  • Om Hraam ‘Atho Haaridraveshu May’ Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha(Hiranyagarbha – golden colored)
  • Om Hreem ‘Harimaanannidhadhmasi’ Marichaye Namaha (Marichi – Ray of light)
  • Om Hruum ‘Udagaadhayamaadithyah’ Adityaya Namaha (Aditya – Sun, aspect of Vishnu, Son of Aditi)
  • Om Hraim ‘Vishwena Sahasaa Saha’ Savitre Namaha (Savitru – Light of enlightenment)
  • Om Hroum ‘Dwishantham Mama Randhayann’ Arkaya Namaha (Arkah – a ray of light, a flash of lightning, Sun)

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