Things You Should Know About Macronutrient | The Science Behind Diet

In the previous blog, fundamental of a good diet, we have covered the basic macronutrient that our body extract from foods as fuel for energy.

So here in this blog, we will be discussing the function of macronutrients, their effects, the knows and hows and whys about the energy and fuel of our body.

Our body doesn’t consume macros directly, It extracts three kinds (Glucose, Free Fatty Acids, Amino Acids) of fuel from what we intake.


macronutrient are fuel of life


  • Fat gets converted into Free Fatty Acids.
  • Carbohydrate gets converted into Glucose.
  • Protein gets converted into Amino Acids.


Free Fatty Acids

Fatty acids can be stored by almost any cells of the body. Fatty acids don’t need any conversion, it gets transported directly into the bloodstream. If you consume more than the capacity of your body cells then your body generates a special fat cell named ‘adiposities’ and these cells group are known as ‘adipose tissue’.


sources of macronutient fatty acids


It can be observed easily as your body can contain tens of kilos of fat. An average individual carries enough energy in the form fat to survive for months. Fat had been given bad names for years as people assume. But without essential fats, your will stop working. So never cut your essential fat from your body.

Some great source of essential fatty acids is- Olive oil, Fish oil, Avocado (butter fruit), Salmon and Nuts etc.


Glucose( Carbohydrates)


It is another important macronutrient for our body. Carbohydrate gets converted into glucose(sugar). Being a very small molecules it is easily transportable and can travel from cell to cell.




Glucose is stored in the form of glycogen in liver as well as in muscles. Though our liver can convert glycogen back into glucose whenever needed but our muscles cannot.

Ideally, we should keep our carbs intake in control. However, our muscles still can use glycogen directly or release into the bloodstream directly when needed. An average weighted person has 5 gm of glucose in the blood at any time.


Not a dreary factOne tablespoon sugar = 12 g of Sugar, 

which is about 50 calories, which on the other hand would require the person to run for 5 continuous minutes in order to burn those extra calories.


Some of the great sources of carbohydrates are sweet potato, oats, brown rice etc.


Protein And Amino Acids


Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for the body. It is called building blocks of the body. It can be used to form muscle fibers or cells and many things and it can be also broken down back to protein and amino acids. Protein has huge of it into the body, It would be not wrong if we say that your body is an aggregation of protein or amino acids.




Proteins are broken down into amino acids in the intestine and then brought to the liver, where they are partly reassembled and partly released into the bloodstream.

It might be boring a little bit but having knowledge about macronutrient is as important as consistency in your workout. It is not only about bodybuilding, but it can also help you to maintain all over your health.

Click here to know about top 13 good easily available sources of protein.


How does body convert macronutrient into energy

Now you know how and in which form does your body store macronutrient. But our body can’t use it directly, the fuel (glucose, fatty acids, and amino acids) get converted further to ATP or Adenosine TriPhosphate

Every cell containing mitochondria ( power producing unit into the cell) can convert these fuels into ATP.


These are all thing that you should know about the macros and science behind the diet. Now you know how it works.

In order to lose weight, 

Your intake of the energy must be lower than expenditure and energy should not be stored in your body. But it should be in right way not by starving yourself. Starving can decrease your weight for short time but in the long wrong run, the result would be the opposite. If you have any doubt regarding this you can find the fact in the article of fit mag Eat Less, get Fat.


Next, we will come up with quantification of the nutrients- What and why about the calories you require.

Stay tuned and keep viayaming.







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